Written and Illustrated by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
Published July 1, 2012
by Kane Miller
 ISBN 978-1-61067-131-6
Hardcover, glossy
32 Pages
Ages 3-7

Review: (Julie)  The inhibiting Whatif Monster has a way of snaking into Jonathan James’ brain and filling his mind with self doubt and insecurities.  Jonathan James soon questions his fears and learns to stifle his Whatif Monster.

In this delightful rhyming story, Jonathan ultimately tires of being bullied by the Whatif Monster and starts doing the things he really wants to do. The flat, colorful graphics are boldly outlined in black, practically encouraging readers to improve their decision making skills and muffle their own Whatif Monsters.  A brilliant message for all ages. A plush toy Whatif Monster is also available. He is a wonderful companion to the book and he helps young readers make a connection to the story. The lovely and spirited Michelle Nelson-Schmidt has also authored and illustrated board books and spends much of her time interacting with her audience during school visits. ♥♥♥♥♥

Available at Kane Miller.

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